What our valued clients are saying about us!

“Excellence…Tom was great to work with.”

~ Darlene Robertson


“Sheri has been a delight to work with and I hope to utilize her services again in the future!”

~ Ricky Langdon


“She [Sheri] was sensitive to our family’s situation, and walked us through the process without the pressure normally associated with real estate negotiations. We felt comfortable, and reassured that the procedure would be handled with professional courtesy, and she delivered.”

~ Laurie Jewell


“Christina is very attentive, very accommodating and responds with lightning speed. It doesn’t get any better than this.”

~ Paul Cousins


“Sherri was so helpful and always has a positive attitude”

~ Nancy McLean


“Ben was always quick to get back to us and very open to discussions about our options. He is a pleasure to work with.”

~ Tricia & David Roche


“Knowledgeable, intelligent, hard-working, sensible.”

~ Thomas Eadie & Joan Eadie


“I can’t thank Kendra enough for all the late night check ins, last minute house adventures and the list goes on! Dedicated, honest and caring are just a few words to describe her! Definitely recommended and will use in the foreseeable future!”

~ Maria Gomez


“Very professional and trust worthy. I felt confident from our first meeting that our interest as a clent would be handled efficiently, professionaly and with integrity.”

~ Barbara Chatten & Wayne Chatten


“Tom is friendly, professional and diligent about conducting his business. We would definitely recommend Stone Guide.”


“personal, professional, client focussed, trustworthy, honest, honourable”

~ Kathryn Woeller & Bernhard Fuhrmann


“Fun. Trustworthy. No pressure”


“The first thing that comes to mind is “fun”. Buying a house is often a source of immense stress but Tom made the whole process a blast. Although we were absolutely thrilled with the house we bought, it was a bittersweet feeling that we wouldn’t be seeing Tom as often anymore.”

~ Peter Leigh

“Diligence, patience, professional, and the general feeling of being in competent, caring hands..”

~ Timothy Crites

“Tom Bennett and crew took care of us as people, we felt more important than the sale.”

~ John & Karen Curtis


“Easily reached and responded quickly to any questions, concerns or viewing requests. Was also very knowledgeable about each and every property we viewed. A pleasure to work with.”

~ Brittney Clark & Christopher Willoughby


“Attentitive, detailed and always available to answer questions or address concerns.”

~ John Hamilton


“Ben was very knowledgeable and professional. He managed the process with me methodically and simplistically and he delivered on every single actionable item we discussed. This was a fantastic experience especially given the current real estate market being difficult understand! Well done Ben and thank you!!!”

~ Brian Horton